"If you have a problem, and need help solving it right the first time, then why fight with the rest and call the best."
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Hey ! Look ....Tippecanoe  Building Trades Summer Camp gets community Excited




To Facility and Maintenance Directors,

                 The Tippecanoe Building and Construction Trades Council covers a nine-county region which includes

Tippecanoe,Benton,Carroll,Cass,Clinton,Fountain,Warren,Montgomery and White counties in Indiana.

               Our mission is to highlight the over 2,500 skilled craftsmen who live and work in this region and are members of the

17 trades associations that make up the Tippecanoe Building and Construction Trades Council.

These members have collectively spent tens of thousands of hours, on the job and in the classroom, learning their craft through

their respective apprenticeship  programs.

           These also are the same members that make up the fabric of the local community by volunteering for

Habitat for Humanity,coaching Little League,raising funds for the United Way,decorations and Lights for Christmas

or helping the local food pantry just to name a few.

            On this site you will find contact information for all the 17 trades including apprenticeship training and business

opportunities.Please look over our web site and use it as a reference for your future projects.

                                                                           Good luck with your next project!


                                                              If you have a building problem

                                                                    and need help solving it right

                                                                         the first time,

                                                                            don't fight with the rest-

                                                                                      call the best.